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  • Business Online Package available that includes UK Domain Name, Webspace, Exchange Mailbox and Sharepoint. Call to find out more - same day activation!

  • We are currently offering a discounted Service for single computers, servers or entire networks.

  • With the increasing complexity of Home Theatre and Audio Systems it is easy to get lost during the wiring process. Fergus can help in connecting and integrating Flat screen TVs with Apple TV, Nextflix, Sonos and many more, and can also setup a universal remote to help downsize the number of remotes you use.

  • Our Blog can be read here:

  • Beware: The "tech support" scam
    The fraudster cold-calls you and says that Microsoft has detected a virus on their PC, then assures you they can remove the virus – but first, of course, they want payment.

  • Increase home broadband by 1.5Mbps
    BT claims that the BT Broadband Accelerator filters out interference from home phone wiring to help broadband connections run faster.
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  • If you want to do some Photo editing and aren't sure what program to use try, it's free and has many of the powerful features found in commercial editors, including the ability to work on multiple layers and unlimited history as well as a multi-document, tab-based interface, so you can open and edit more than one image at once. -